"The start is stoney."
Through my education I had to learn most parts of design. We started by learning about the Adobe Programs and there practical use. By my first year I went to a print office, to learn how to use my knowledge in reality. 

Our second year was mainly about codes and programing. We still learned how to read and write HTML(5) and CSS(3). The new versions got published by the half of the year and therefore we were lucky enough to learn both. 

Here I displayed a few screenshots of my education pages (still code written by hand), but none is online anymore.

In our third year we had to go into an internship. Well, I extended that task a bit and left Germany. Therefore I spend my third year in Malta, working for Outlook Coop. Here I had the chance to work in a combination of Graphic, Web and Print Design. To get a better idea about the job just check out the link 'Outlook Coop - Malta'.
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