As to guess. Here we have a local Shop design form Germany. In translation it would be "TwoRoomZone".

"Happy Welcome" to my known and unknown friends.
My artist name is MadH3AD, and I am also known as Niko Grabow. 
I am a young, travelling "Nomad" from Germany. After finishing my education as a Print/Graphic & Web designer I chose a different path. Go my own way, to follow my passion for travelling and explore the world. Over the time, all people, challenges, projects and experiences refined my skills as a Designer and Problem Solver.
Go out, explore new worlds and working on a lot of different projects was my main assignment for the last years and my education made me able to work on the most Design-task which are upcoming for a company online. Therefore we´re able to find a solution to the most problems together.
At this point, just a few of my personal skills: 
human interaction, quick learning and transformability. 
As well I'm speaking German as my mother tongue and English fluently.
You got an idea?!
Here, just a few questions to get you caught in the possibilities.
"Do you plan to establish your own company?"
"Do you plan to organise a party or even better a festival?"
"You are looking for a personal gift?"
Love, smile, happiness and with greetings 
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