Here are my "MASTER-PIECE" 2017.
Our redesign of the webpage ended up in a whole new page. The main focus was to combine the Guesthouse-page and winery page. We established a responsive website with history about the people, marketing background, analytics, Content-Management-System, shop and booking system. 
The functionality is visible for everyone but the content is only in German, currently.

Still, nowadays it´s not enough to set up a website. We published for the company a new Corporate Design, Social-Media-Accounts, paying systems and new photos of the vineyard.
Guesthouse Vinetum remained as the special task. 
We had to implement a booking system and connect certain with the "" network. One month, after the final version of the winery page, launched we were able to set up the new booking system as well. Now everyone is able to book directly through the page or by

Anyone, who reads this is travelling, soon? Get your 15€ payout by using my - link.
Just fair or what would you say? By your next booking over the network both of us can go to one more pub, bar or whatever else comes up in the mind
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