As to guess. Here we have a local Shop design form Germany. In translation it would be "TwoRoomZone".

The "ZweiRaumZone" [TwoRoomZone] was established and Antje's store found his location in the middle of Rostock, Germany.
"Antonilaje" and now called "ZweiRaumZone" are my first big client, to work on a hole business setup. There were funny, bussy and crazy times and therefore I stayed by the project from his birth in 2016 to his shut down in 2019.

Our challenge here was to find a way to combine design and the future store concept. For that purpose, we picked clean colours for the cats, logo and website, to reuse them later in the shop concept.
In the end, we made it and had a hole corporate design, with fonts, logos, first flyer generation, business cards, window-logo-foils, rubber stamp and fitting shop design.

As you might recognise that the local shop is closed down and therefore the website too.  

I still host an old version through "Webflow" for presentations. Should we call that here a presentation? 
Yeah, why not. Feel free to have a look.

Short-Note: Online Shop, Formular, Links and so on aren't working anymore ... because of reasons. 
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